Paddle Lanai



Small, sporty and nimble.

The Hobie Lanai glides smoothly and efficiently, despite its diminutive waterline measurement.

A clever, rotomolded polyethylene hull maximizes form stability while minimizing drag, and the boat’s clean deck layout emphasizes paddling bliss while stripping all unnecessary clutter.

The Lanai’s 9-foot bow-to-stern length is ideal for shorter paddlers but it also accommodates taller kayakers thanks to its molded foot braces. And at only 45 pounds, the Lanai is easy to car-top, trailer or even walk to the beach.





Crew: 1.

Length: 9' / 2.74 m.

Width: 30" / 0.76 m.

Capacity: 250 lbs / 113 kg.

Fitted Hull Weight: 45.5 lbs / 20.64 kg.

Fully Rigged Weight: 50.7 lbs / 23.00 kg.

Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene.




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