Hobie SUP


Would you dare with SUP?

The Hobie SUP come to our country from the hands of the Paddle Surf, a recent modality that is gaining more and more fans around the world.

Our designs are the result of years of experience in the water and the feedback we receive from all athletes and experts in the world of surfing.

¡Try its!

Available Models

  • SUPApex Race Series

    High quality, high performance.

  • SUPElite Series

    Developed by Hobie's world class water athletes.

  • SUPATR II Series

    The next evolution of the highly popular ATR Series.

  • SUPVenture Series

    True multi-use boards.

  • SUPInflatable Series

    Stand up paddling easy, fun, and portable.

  • SUPDurable Series

    A fusion of performance, stability and durability.

  • SUPRaw Surf Series

    Catch waves with ease and absolutely rip.

  • SUPCM LB Series

    Perfect for the larger advanced surf paddler.

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