Hobie Cat


Much more than a catamaran

Over 100,000 Hobie Cats sail on the planet, either independently or in a multitude of activities in which the owners of the boats have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy sport and share experiences or test their skills in friendly competitions.

Since 1967 this spirit is maintained and known universally as "The Hobie Way of Life".

This is what you acquire when you buy a Hobie Cat!

Available Models

  • Hobie2Bravo

    Ideal for sailors of all skill levels.

  • Hobie2Wave

    Easy-to-sail, easy-to-rig.

  • Hobie2T2

    Ideal to sail with the family.

  • Hobie2Gateway

    Sailing with friends and family.

  • Hobie2Hobie 16

    Revolutionary multihull.

  • Hobie2Wild Cat

    Your ticket to all-out thrills.

  • Hobie2Mirage Adventure

    Timeless design and innovation.

  • Hobie2Mirage Tandem

    Enjoy the sea with a partner.

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