Mirage Kayaks


Fast, reliable and pleasant performance.

Why make an effort paddling when is infinitely more efficient propel us with legs?

The genius of the double shears of Hobie MirageDrive developed studying penguins and their way of swim. When pedaling, the fins flex and take the shape of a propeller blade, making a scissor motion in both the forward stroke and the reverse, providing a smooth and efficient ride, driving the kayaking to a new era.

Available Models

  • Hobie2Mirage i9S

    A lot of boat into a small package.

  • Hobie2Mirage i12S

    Comfort, speed, and performance.

  • Hobie2Mirage i14T

    Comfort, speed, and performance.

  • Hobie2Mirage Sport

    Versatile and lightweight.

  • Hobie2Mirage Outback

    Functionality, stability and utility.

  • Hobie2Mirage Revolution 11

    Ideal for small-to-midsize kayakers.

  • Hobie2Mirage Revolution 13

    Game on!

  • Hobie2Mirage Adventure

    A new world of touring possibilities.

  • Hobie2Mirage Outfitter

    Smooth, stable and built for two.

  • Hobie2Mirage Oasis

    Solo or with a friend.

  • Hobie2Mirage Tandem Island

    Enjoy the sea with a partner.

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